The Real Deal

My two-week intensive study period for my last semester in nursing school ends tomorrow and only now do I realise how close I am to `adult-ing’. Does that word even exist?

I still remember very clearly my very first professional practice experience. I was so nervous and super excited because it is very new to me. I still remember waiting in the lobby of the hospital with everyone else, feeling awkward because I couldn’t see at least one familiar face. I still remember the very long intro talk about the hospital policy, working within first year student nurses’ scope of practice, where each of us is going to be assigned and of course the tour of the facility. I remember some of my lovely patients and the lovely staff I was fortunate to have worked with. That particular experience was an eye opener. It made me realise my passion for nursing. It made me realise that I wanted to do this.

Nursing is not easy. Most of the time it is very challenging. It can be very demanding. It can be physically and psychologically draining. Fast forward to my last semester in university with two-week intensives, extensive readings, and weeks of placement across three units in three different hospitals.

So, how close am I to real adulthood? Well, I have submitted all my `big girl’ professional applications. I am now waiting for interviews and hoping for grad program offers; The real deal.

I’m not too sure what will happen next but I don’t want to stress too much about it, or else, I wouldn’t be able to stop worrying. Here’s the part where I say “Let God – and let go”.


Love, Louise


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