Most people say that long distance relationships never work. There are so many things to consider and the adjustment period sucks. This may be true for a new relationship where trust and loyalty are yet to be tested and proven.

My best friend and I have always made LDR work and I must admit we’re good at it. We’re awesome. From being ultimate seatmates back when we were thirteen and branding oursleves as twins, now we’re in two different continents with different times studying very different things. Still as close as ever.

We may not talk everyday like we used to but we still find time for each other. From time to time we send random pictures and messages to each other. We even watch movies together. When we have enough free time we do some major catching up and talk for hours like the old times. I just love it.

We talk about new people in our lives, new places we’ve been to, and new discoveries. We always include each other in our future plans – very detailed plans. And the most important out of everything else I have mentioned before, we never fail to express how we miss and love each other.

Hugs and kisses to my sister from another mister.


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