Back to Black

I was born with jet black hair and for so long a time I’ve been feeling jealous with people who have lighter coloured hair. What frustrated me the most was that none of the usual box hair dyes that you can find on the grocery or chemist worked on my hair.

See, I have a lot of hair on my head. Thick strands. Messy waves. Not really the most flattering kind.

Anyways, as my best friend suggested, I tried out this Japanese hair dye called Palty. And it worked! It was like a miracle.  So since last year I’ve coloured my hair about six times already. The colour looked really pretty especially when I have my hair styled, but my hair started to get really frizzy and my scalp got really dry from the damage caused by the dye. Not to mention maintaining regrowth that’s so obvious against the light brown and caramel blonde bottom of my locks.

A couple weeks ago I decided to have my black hair again and today I was finally able to do it. I’m so happy about it. No more regrowth maintainance mates! Back to black!




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