This post will be a happy one. I am pleased to share to everyone that after years of the following:

  • reading countless articles and books
  • doing assessments
  • X cups of coffee
  • impromptu sleepovers
  • group projects
  • going through three fob watches and pen lights
  • crash course for specific placements, and
  • waking up for late-early shifts

My application has been successful and I was offered a position as a graduate nurse in the hospital’s grad program.

So future nurses, what is it exactly?

Basically, grad program is like a paid internship for a year where you work as a registered nurse in the hospital with mentoring and preceptor-ship opportunities so as to gradually and successfully complete your transition into clinical practice. You will also rotate in different wards and get used to the system. This means you will not be initially given a heavy patient-load and there will be more education sessions and competencies to ensure that we will be able to practice safely on our own in the future.

I am ecstatic and very much excited to begin this wonderful journey early next year. For now I have to finish all requirements for uni and hopefully begin the registration process this November. Wish me luck.

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