Binge is the Word

It’s been a while since I posted a blog entry. After my most recent placement I haven’t really gone out much. I probably went out to catch up with friends for four or five times since the holidays. I feel really unproductive but I am cherishing the free time I have left before I start working.

Lots of sleep and Netflix overdose pretty much sums up my day. I have watched almost every movie suggested by Netflix and it bums me out how it keeps on suggesting some of the movies I already did watch.

Here are some of my Netflix picks in the last month in no particular order:

  • Fuller House


This fun, family-oriented TV show is spinoff of the original Full House. In this version the show is focused on DJ as a widow taking care of her three kids. Sounds familiar? She is joined by her sister Stephanie and her annoyingly funny best friend Kimmy Gibbler under the same roof. Yes folks, the very same house in Full House. Fuller House currently has two seasons and I can’t wait for the third one! It just keeps getting better.

  • Santa Clarita Diet


In the pleasant neighbourhood of Santa Clarita, a sassy teenager named Abby and her realtor parents Sheila and Joel try to adjust to life after Sheila transforms into a zombie craving for human flesh. This horror-comedy is a must-watch.

  • Riverdale


Riverdale is a teen drama with a bit of mystery with characters based on the well-loved Archie comics. This adaptation shows a bit of a difference between the comic characters and their TV show counterpart. Although this show has a darker theme in comparison to the fun and light comics people are used to, it is very very promising. I didn’t find the first two episodes boring at all. This show is still ongoing and can be watched on CW and Netflix weekly.

Give these shows a go. Cheers!
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