Plans for Valentine’s Day

As most of my friends know I have been single since birth. I spent most of my teenage years being jealous and bitter over couples especially during the month of love. Don’t get me wrong. I love my friends and I loved it when they got into relationships. I just felt sad for myself for being alone and I thought something must’ve been wrong with me. Perhaps I was so ugly, fat, or I didn’t have enough social skills or something like that.

When I entered my twenties I realised there’s more to life than having a boyfriend. Of course that mindset was backed up by friends’ and relatives’ failed relationships at that point. Gradually I came to love myself more and did things that made me happy. I followed through my love of science and people and persevered to finish up my degree in nursing. I started to try out new make-up and looks and slowly upgraded my make-up stash. Other than that I have donated to different organisations for a good cause. I got to do a lot of things without the hassle of asking my boyfriend’s permission. I have more financial liberty and I don’t get stressed about monthsaries and other anniversaries. Being single wasn’t so bad after all.

This brings me back to the point of this post… So what do I have planned for Valentine’s day?

I am planning to eat some good food, catch up with some people, and donate blood.

Yup, I am planning to donate some blood in order to help save at least three lives. I have donated blood before and this is really very easy and it doesn’t hurt at all. I actually like it and I watch the whole process.

I donate blood through the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. So any of you guys don’t have enough planned for Valentine’s Day. Give this idea a chance and consider donating blood with your significant other. Let’s save more lives.

Click on the link above or the photo below to open the Australian Red Cross Blood Service website.


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