It Was a Good Saturdate

I am writing this about ten to four in the morning so Saturday counts as yesterday, right? Technically. Anyways, I went to catch up with two of my best friends yesterday because it has been a while since we’ve seen each other and one of them just came back from a two-week vacation.

Just a brief background info about our friendship: AR and Valerie met each other in uni. We were all studying for our bachelor’s in nursing at that time and we were in the same biology class. Being new to the uni environment as first year students it was like a breath of fresh air to know someone with the same nationality. We were blessed to have known each other back then and the rest is history.

Now, back to my Saturdate story. It was decided that we all meet in uni at eleven in the morning. The library was closed so we spent our time at the back cafe. We were the only people there so that was fun.

We spent about three hours there to help AR sort out application stuff for the immigration department. Valerie already sorted hers out. (They were both international students so this thing needs to be sorted for visa purposes) The photo below shows AR and I looking at the immi site for info about requirements and other stuff.

Eventually everyone became hungry and we decided to eat chicken steak at this Chinese place called Kim Sing Restaurant inside Port Phillip Arcade near Flinders Station. Unfortunately I do not have any photos of the food or the place because I was really hungry that I forgot to document anything by then.

After lunch, we walked to QV to print and copy some documents. While we were there, we each ate a Hokkaido baked cheese tart- mine and Val’s first time. It was so yummy! I could probably do a whole post about it some other time.

Anyway, we went for a round of drinks in a pub so we can talk more about life and the things we’ve been up to lately. We also celebrated getting out nursing registrations and employment issues finally sorted out. It felt really good to talk about how time went by so quickly for us. As much as it felt good being able to talk about more practical dreams and goals, it seemed like a such a grown up thing to do. Then again, that’s what we are now.

I’m looking forward to more dates, hang out and catch up sessions with these two.

Cheers from AR, Val and Louise.

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