LA’s 6 Beauty Essentials

Since I have a bit of a free time before I finally go to sleep I decided to share some of my beauty essentials and a little bit more about myself.

Lip Balm

I easily get cracked or chapped lips if I don’t use a lip balm. I have tried various kinds of lip balms and lip moisturisers from Pawpaw to petroleum jelly, but only the classic Carmex  heals my lips fast and leaves it moist and soft.


Moisturiser with Sunscreen

I do not religiously follow a morning or night time routine as I’m still figuring out other products that work well for my skin. This is not as easy as it sounds because my skin type changes with the season. I usually have oily to combination skin during spring and summer and dry and flaky skin during fall and winter time. It is important for me to put moisturiser whether or not I put on make-up. I also make sure I use a broad spectrum SPF 30 or more for sun protection. This season, I am using Lancome’s Bienfait Multi-vital day moisturiser and sunscreen cream.



I don’t use a concealer every time I wear make-up. I opt for a medium to full coverage foundation instead. As a make-up lover I have used different types and brands of foundation. Some have caused my skin to breakout, some have caused rashes and others just oxidised really quickly. My current favourite is Too Faced Born This Way. So far so good.


Brow Pencil

Although I am not obsessed with brows to the point where I can’t go out without them being on fleek, I have to admit that I’m not blessed with good brows and fixing them brows with the help of a product I trust makes me feel really happy and beautiful. My favourite brow pencil is the NYX Micro brow pencil. Because it is a micro pencil I find it easier to hold and shape my eyebrows with.



I was a social smoker a few years back and I’m not so sure whether that was a contributing factor but my lips are a bit dark and the skin tone is uneven. This is very noticeable when using just a lip gloss or a tint. When I started using lipliners I became very pleased with the results and how it just enhances the lip product and it also makes me look more alive. I don’t have a favourite brand in particular but the shade I always use is ‘blush’ from the Revlon ColorStay line.


Blushers and Bronzers

A simple way to look more lively with . With sheer powder formula that’s easy to apply and very wearable shades, Benefit’s got my vote. My go-to palette is the Benefit Cheekathon. It comes with five full-sized pans of my favourite blushing and bronzing powders. I forgot to mention that they all smell good too.


So what’s your favourite product? Do you have any beauty essentials you wanna share? Drop me a comment below. Cheers!

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