My Love for Photography

Taking photographs make me absolutely happy. It gives me more reason to go on adventures and enjoy life. Being able to document these adventures and events in my life gives me something to look back to physically or digitally. It also gives such experiences more meaning.

My love for photography probably started way back when I was still a kid. I still remember feeling excited just holding those film cameras. Of course we weren’t that well off that I didn’t own my very own digital camera until I was in seventh grade or first year high school, I believe. The crappy cell phone cameras didn’t stop me though. I started from awkward grainy selfies with two megapixel cameras to more creative photos you can see now.

The photos above were taken with either an iPhone 6 or an iPad since that’s what I usually have on hand while going out. I intend to continue this hobby and use better equipment as soon as I can afford it. Hopefully I would be able to gradually improve my skills and go on more adventures in the future. If you can suggest good quality entry-level cameras I can possibly check out please do so in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

See you later,


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