Birthdays and Beyond


Twenty-four. I can’t believe I’m actually in my mid-twenties. It felt like yesterday I was only eighteen and was stuck there for a while. I remember someone in uni asking how old I was, I answered “18- no wait! 21!”. Yeah, that happened. Anyway, a lot happened since then and here I am now.

My birthday is actually on the 25th which is a Saturday. This means I ought to celebrate it with my family and relatives because that’s how we do it as single Asians living with parents. Birthday celebrations for me started on Friday, the 24th of February.Β It wasn’t anything fancy. We had pasta, grilled chicken and cheese tarts. My friends sponsored a mud cake and I was able to blow my birthday candles. Another friend came a couple hours later and brought with him…another mud cake! Hahaha! That was hilarious! All I can say is we’ve had our fill of sweets that day. We watched movies and drank some wine. We all had fun that I think nobody ever really bothered taking lots of photos. Saturday wasn’t so different. I just had more food and cake!

I know my family and friends don’t really come to this blog (not a lot of people know about me blogging like this- at least not my other relatives, etc.) but I’d still want to express my gratitude and deep appreciation to everyone who made my 24th birthday celebration a wonderful experience. Thank you to those who greeted me and sent warm fuzzies my way. Thank you readers!

This twenty-fourth year, I have a lot of things planned and a lot of firsts to try. I hope things are gonna be great.

See you on my next post,




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