I just wanna share some bits with you guys.

Since 2010 I have been following k-pop idols and their music. I especially enjoy most releases from SM, YG and JYP. Other than music and idols from the ‘Big 3’, I came to love other artists and different genres of the Korean music scene. K-music scene isn’t typical – it is where you can find music that’s not only for your ears but is also meant to be watched. With more and more nugus over the years, you can probably say that I stayed for the aesthetics.

My love for Asian dramas started with Meteor Garden, a Taiwanese drama. Eventually I started Japanese and then Korean dramas. I have been an avid watcher of Korean dramas since the early 2000s and I have watched a looooot. Like, I’m not even kidding. From medical, historical, and mystery dramas to your typical rom-com! I just finished watching Innocent Defendant and I’ll binge-watch Strong Woman Do Bong Soon in a few days after I get up to date with Produce 101 Season 2 and Unnies Slam Dunk.

So yeah! I am currently working on a new category dedicated to my love and passion for everything Korean – ‘K-Everything’! A place where I can rant, review, and/or share my feelings about dramas, music, and oppas ^^ I hope you enjoy this new addition to my blog.


Love, LA



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