Review: Han Guuk Guan

Han Guuk Guan is a Korean-Chinese Restaurant. HGG’s is located at 13A Victoria Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 near Carlton Gardens.

The facade is a bit outdated and there is ongoing construction just outside the restaurant. However, inside the restaurant it is very cosy and they play awesome music. Just as we entered I immediately heard Red Velvet playing in the background.

Along the wall are their specialties and some popular dishes. It is a bit dark and dull but it gives off the authentic Korean feel. If you’re not up for this set-up, Oriental Spoon along Elizabeth Street or La Trobe is the place to go.

My sister got Black bean noodles (Jjajangmyeon) and I tried the Black bean on rice (Jjajangbap). We weren’t very adventurous with our food choices but it was alright. They give out side dishes with the main meal as with typical korean restos. Their jjajang mixture was very tasty although I would love if it had more meat or a bit more vegetables in it.

We decided to come back in the future and try other dishes, perhaps some barbecue.

Rating: 3.5/5


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