Saying good-bye to being ‘FUNemployed’

It’s been a while since my last blog entry and I have very good reason or reasons, if you will.

  1. I have no money. School ended and so did my allowance. Granted I had savings enough for me to go on little shopping trips and get-together with friends, I opted not to go out as much to pinch every dollar I have left in my bank account.
  2. Everyone was busy. Since all of my friends are working, it was very hard to agree on a date and actually hang out for as long as we used to.
  3. I had nothing really going on in my life except for Netflix and games. See 1 and 2? Yeah. That happened so… Everyday I wake up during lunch time, check news and emails, and watch a show or movies until around 5PM. Only then will I eat something and then I hang out with my sibs ’til their bed time or I go back to watching until wee hours in the morning. Yes, this happens almost every day.

During the past two weeks there have been significant changes in my life. My Aunties and Uncle came to visit here in Melbourne for a week to attend my graduation. And yes, I am finally and officially done with my bachelor’s degree in university. On the same day as my graduation, I also started my nursing job at a government hospital and since then, everyday has been very busy but fun. I will be happy to share more about my job-job as I can (without specifics of course) but I’ll wait until I finish my first month… if I survive ’til then.

I restarted this blog during my days of unemployment and sadness. I wish to bring you more stories and updates as I venture in this new phase.

I hope that you, dear reader, would not lose hope and continue to persevere in life and in your career. I wish you the best.

Love, Louise


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