A Whole New World

Okaaaay! As promised, I’m doing an update after my first month of employment. The past month was pretty full-on with me trying to get used to a job-job and fitting breaks in between work days. I am not working in one specific ward and it is making my uni to work transition like a walk in a very uneven and muddy path. As much as I love nursing, here are some things from work that take my stress levels  to a whole new world:

  • Working in different wards almost every shift
  • All these wards have different set-ups and ways of doing things, from handovers to tea breaks
  • What tea break? Sometimes, I only get one 15-minute break because there’s so much going on in one shift.
  • Where can I find that thing again? – different ward and drug room set-ups, multiple store rooms, helluvalot of equipment…
  • I have a hard time remembering names and faces… I’m not very good with names to begin with and now I’m meeting and working with a whole different bunch of people everyday.
  • Pre-METs and MET calls, any other medical emergency. ‘Nuff said.

Which pretty much sums up to lack of stability and security.
Other than that, I’ve been enjoying pretty much every break I’ve got. I love love love pay day! I get more financial freedom. I love how flexible the scheds can be and I love shift work. I’ve been hanging out with my siblings, parents, and friends. Just last week I was able to go and watch Disney’s Aladdin The Musical at Her Majesty’s Theatre down at Exhibition street, Melbourne CBD. That was fun!

I know everything will work out in the end and things will eventually fall into place regarding work. It might just take longer for me. I hope I can keep up with updates in the future.

Love, Louise


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