Uncertain Circumstances

I have not blogged in a while since having a hard time trying to work out a perfect work-life balance. Things have progressed so swiftly and I am now nearing the end of my grad year. I have certainly learned a lot throughout the last year and I have much more experience than what I have expected at the start of grad.

While I was away on my vacation, I had to send in an Expression of Interest form to possibly get a reemployment offer at my current hospital. Things haven’t been certain until months later and that left me with increased stress levels looming at the back of my mind. Fortunately, I got an offer… and another.

Now I feel so blessed to have been given such opportunity at the start of my career. I feel grateful that the hours, effort and hard work I put into my job are being acknowledged. I hope everything will be sorted and things will turn out fine.


Late Halloween 2017

I am currently taking two weeks off work to unwind, dine and drink lots of wine. Well, not really. I spent the first four days in Gold Coast, Queensland and since I’ve been back from my trip I’ve been doing a bit of shopping here and there, beauty hauls, etc. Continue reading

A Whole New World

Okaaaay! As promised, I’m doing an update after my first month of employment. The past month was pretty full-on with me trying to get used to a job-job and fitting breaks in between work days. I am not working in one specific ward and it is making my uni to work transition like a walk in a very uneven and muddy path. As much as I love nursing, here are some things from work that take my stress levels  to a whole new world Continue reading

Begging For More Broadway

Since I was a young girl I was always fascinated with plays and musicals. I enjoy watching movies and singing along to the songs. With this love for music and appreciation for story and aesthetics, here are shows I really wanna watch and their stories Continue reading